Monday 29 February 2016

One Day With Old Age Home kailash dham in Pethapur, Gandhinagar

Guyes get ready to become the part of the this great campaign which is going to held tomorrow , so tie up yur seat belts plane will take off from Raj pg @ morning 5:15 a.m. to kailash dham (old age home)
Will spend whole day with people over their morning breakfast, lunch and tea and have lots of fun over their with Aarti MehtaVipul Mehta ,Bhaumik Patel,Ravirajsinh Vaja,Rahul Maharishi ,UtpalJain,DaivikJhaveri Nimesh Ganatra,Vishal Khaitan Mohit Bansal RajKothari ,Nikunj Jiwrajka and all others most welcome

Enjoying the the super lucious lunch with the old dada dadi at kailashdham vrudhashram, at pethapur ...... feeling great to serve them .... Paneer butter masala ,fully loaded with dryfruits gajar ka halwa, jeera alu , dal tadka , mutter pulao ....... so nice experience with them

 No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.
Our parents are the reason for what we are n where we are today .. 
But some unfortunate don't understand their value n so we have old age homes for all those parents who have been abandoned by their children, its so disappointing that they are alone when they need support the most.

Today We all tried sharing some moments with such parents, sharing their grief, their happiness and making them realise that they r imp.
Bahot gareeb hote hai wo bachhe jo apne ma baap ko 2 waqt ka khana bhi nhi de sakte.



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